At Small Axe Woodshop, we specialize in making professional grade cutting boards to compliment your kitchen, lifestyle and personality... and we do it the most environmentally responsible way possible. We wouldn't be in business any other way. 

We use the highest quality hardwoods, harvested exclusively from sustainable forests and organizations that uphold strict fair trade practices. Our finishing products are USDA organic and the safest on the market for your family and the environment. 

Each board is handmade with love and consciousness in mind to bring you functional and sustainable art that will last a lifetime of cooking joy. 


We care about our family, friends, community, environment, and of course; our customers. We are conscious about what we take and use from the earth, how it is harvested and how these items are packaged, shipped and ultimately enter your home. All of our labeling, packaging and shipping materials are a combination of recycled, recyclable, decomposable and compostable materials. 

Learn more about cutting boards in our learning center and get help choosing the right one for you. 


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